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Full Name 0201 - Mario Kart DS (E)(M5).7z
Filesize 13.1 MB
Region Europe
Can Download No



The Best Game ever
lol wonder game!!!!
One of the best games ever! I have a slight problem with game freeze when it goes to load a track... not always but sometimes? anybody else have this?
I think, this should be compatible to Mario Kart - Super Circuit (for example : More Caracters or something like this) but it's a very good alternative for the ones, who has'nt got a Wii or a GameCube/Gameboy to play these Mario Kart-Games.
Love this game, one of my favourites
Good game, would reccomend. -> Has 4 'new' cups with 4 tracks in each cup. -> 4 'old' cups with 4 classics tracks in each one - so about 32 tracks in total. -> similar to the older versions just updated and you still get theitems etc so i would definatley buy if you can't download ;)
best game ever
amazing game must get this
i can not downloading why
This is a good game,also for girls,and I am a girl! and i love it,i play it everyday!!!!! Great game
Fantastic game!! Downloaded it for myself as i was a pro at the N64 version but now dont get a look in with my 4yr old little girl, shes almost as good as me!!