Full Name 0168 - Mario Kart DS (U)(M5).7z
Filesize 13.0 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



It's spanish but I can figure it out!
Damn nice!
LOVE IT 10/10 great gameplay ok graphics but overall good game
@omyguru im cool i have a DSi :D
The wifi doesn't work....it does with other games.
Im cool. i have a ds lite
This game is better if played together wif friend or wi-fi... this game's cool!
Best. Multiplayer. Game. Ever. But seriously, the CPUs just aren't challenging at all after a short bit...
Awesome game
I cant download it....it says file is missing or not there....
Probably my favourite game - great for 5-minute plays and when you're just bored =] SO fun ... and addictive too! I definitely recommend this.
I just love this game. I play this with my friends and its so fun.I think this is the best DS racing game as it is really interactive i hope they make a new mario kart DS with upgrades and more players