Full Name 0168 - Mario Kart DS (U)(M5).7z
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Region USA
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I don't go anywhere without this game!
--Mario Kart DS-- In an age where we're all obsessed with ultra-realistic looking cars dashing along beautiful scenery, it's refreshing to see that the single best racing game on the Nintendo DS is a cartoony riot of a racer that is simply fun to play. Mario Kart feels like it's been around forever. Take your favourite Mario characters, plop them in a go-cart and send them around Mario-theme tracks. What truly makes Mario Kart DS a must buy is the physics engine, which is flawless. Every car has unique abilities and the acceleration, turning prowess and pure speed is perfect. The items are varied and you soon learn which ones you prefer. Indeed, for some people one item is better than the other - meaning that you can impose your own playstyle on Mario Kart. It's not a simple game either. Learn the quick acceleration at the start of the race, the power slide, the short cuts... all of these give a definite edge as you move through the game. In summary, the best racer on the DS and one of the best racers you'll find on any console in terms of pure enjoyment.
i wish they make mario kart 2 with better graffics and that fixes wifi.
Amazing game 5/5 WARIO
This is one of my favorite racing games ever! Thanks!!!!
Can someone help me? I dont know how to save... Every time i close it and open again i need to begin at new file....
when you download the game on tt ds does the ds download still work becuse i want to play with others
This has got to be the best racing game on DS ever!
OH YEAH! This Rocks!..:D by the way i'm currently recruiting Computer Programmers to help me adjust my NDS Emulator I've created my own Emulator that enables you to play via wireless but my main problem is the controls i can't use the controls of my emulators when it's not in use...>.>
I love this game XD
nice game, good game, great game, awesome game, fun game, downloaded this!!!