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Full Name 0022 - Super Mario 64 DS (E)(M5).7z
Filesize 9.6 MB
Region Europe
Can Download No



cool game infinite stars like it!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you think "Naahh, I played the old one, so this one must be the same..." Then you're COMPLETELY wrong! It has better graphics (yeah, some people say graphics doesn't count), better gameplay (it got smoother) and some new features (I'll keep that a secret ;)) It's definately worth a download
I loved the 64 version, but I love the DS version even more! :D
greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat game
i really wanted this game and i do.Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!
when my brother got this game with the original ds in 2005 he loved it but i resantly discovered that it still costs £25!
I don't if i really wanna download it, is really that good
I used to own the real game of this, I got 124 stars then I lost the game. I practically cried myself 2 sleep. =p so glad I can get this for my iEdge, Thanks so much Romulation! xx Also My favorite part ion this game is taking the Baby penguin to its mother or jumping through the peach picture and getting heaps of stars =) Good luck guys happy DSing
cool game
if this was a boy i wod marry it