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Full Name Wonder Project J2.7z
Filesize 5.4 MB
Region USA
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Just so you guys know, there is a translation patch available for the game, available on both Romhacking dot net, and Zophar dot net. As for the overall plot of the game, if it follows after the first one, it's basically about magic and science, an artificial human learning about life and, eventually striving for real humanity. There are multiple endings, the results depending on the character's actions throughout the game.
I played the untranslated imported version in japanese using a nintendo 64 region adapter. In spite the fact that it was a friends and I couldn't read japanese, I actually enjoyed controlling the girl with simple yes and no.
Its a game you go whit a girl into a city and reaaly strange things hapens you need to discover these envirorments! A reaaly sad story!