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Full Name Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.7z
Filesize 11.1 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Controls arent that bad if you map your gamepad to run the C buttons to ABXY
The best game in the series
Actually, the sound quality is amazing, CD quality audio on a cartridge is a pretty impressive feat. But the songs are butchered to hell.
Man, this game was awesome. I remember getting it for Christmas when I was 6. I just beat it for the first time a few days ago, actually. My only gripe is the terrible music quality. The looping is almost unbearable.
"So here I am Doing everything I can!" Lots of good must play this game
yea this game is classic so many good times playin this and all the tony hawk games to follow
One of my Favourite Tony Hawk's games but this whoa!! what can can I say about this it's pretty good if you have a emulator but the controls are hard sort of but if you the Nintendo 64 it's self a its a MUST HAVE!!!!!!