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Full Name Star Fox 64.7z
Filesize 20.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Do a barrel roll! :D
How to put the room in my deadalus psp emulator the file is splitted?????
The best star fox game on a non hand held system advencure is a close 2nd
How the hell do you load this up? Why is it split and how do I access the rom?
Most of u are wrong it was actually called lylat wars when it 1st came out in japan then they changed it to starfox but in most other regions apart from america it remained as lylat wars i still have the actual game itself and my n64 im 15 i have a ps3 and wii and 360 but prefere the retro consoles like the commadore 64 atari jaguar and ofcourse the N64
I'm pretty sure the cart I played said Star Fox - Lylat Wars.
Actually. Lylat Wars was the European name. In America it was Star Fox 64. It caused confusion in Europe as people didn't know it was a Star Fox game
The names wrong its actually called " Lylat wars"
A total classic N64 game, it's one of the first that come to my mind when i think of the system. I completely enjoyed it when it first came out and i still enjoy it now. I'm using Project 64 and this rom plays great, no flaws that will degrade gameplay. definately worth getting