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Full Name Star Fox 64.7z
Filesize 20.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



wow i can download starfox games but not other nintendont games thats bullshit
Use bombs wisely! Do a barrell roll!
My opinion of this game is... DO A BARREL ROLL.
DO A ROM DOWNLOAD!!! Seriosly, this game is awesome!
also i have the game it is called Lylat Wars and i have USA Version so Star Fox 64 is just a name someone else made.
Games brilliant! :D works flawlessly for me.
i cant believe there is only 14 comments now 15 cuz of me, this game is wonderful played it and beaten it several times when i was young still enjoy it defiantly a must to the n64 collection
^ ur right NL64 there was a game called Star Fox: And this Star Fox game is by far one of the best compared to Adventures on GCN. Its also the first N64 game to feature the rumble pak, which was pure win :D and one more thing...DO A BARREL ROLL!!! XD
OKAY here's what really happened: the game's called Star Fox 64 in japan and America but Lylat Wars in Europe... i don't remember exactly but i think its because there was a game on Atari called Star Fox or something.....
DO A BARREL ROLL!!!!!! ;) i have this game normally bought and woo wee! it is the top 5 best 64 games for me!
hahahhahahaha best answer ever !! xD