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Full Name Getter Love!!.7z
Filesize 7.4 MB
Region USA
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the game story consists of four friends placing a bet to see who can get a selected girlfriend the fastest (which is the basis of the game). it consists of choosing the girl you want to woo, trying to woo her, not running out of funds, and staying away from the "hose beast" (no that's literally what they call her) a black girl who will ruin your chances at getting the girl you like by draining your funds and cause the other girls to lose their interest in you. what is really interesting is the characters you meet (Terry Bogard from the fatal fury series.) and the fact that not only do you meet other girls, you get to steal other players girlfriends (by developing a relationship with them, and competing in mini games). If you enjoy dating sims with a multiplayer aspect, like mario party, check this out. *the game does have some "facial anomalies" in which eyes or mouth don't show (dont know why)
The name of this game got me curious so i downloaded this game to check it out. First thing i noticed is that this game it's a Japan region game didn't know at the time of download but the kana in the game made it preety obvious ^.^;. This is preety much a sim-date game but it's multiplayer which makes it werid one thing i found unexpected was there's mini-games in this game which makes it intresting and fun. I'm not so good at it cause i don't know Kana but this game is at least worth one shot. One thing to point out though that the game tends to flicker at some points not to mention the eyes and mouth of every charater dissapear but appear at other times passing the technicalities this is preety cool