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Full Name Action Replay Pro 64.7z
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Jeting N64 emulator is too big for a linker (for example M3DSREAL or R4 revolution)it's only for N64
Does is work on a ds i
@andree_torruco: Of course not. The Project 64 emulator crashes (my PC crashed too). @shadow: XD No. You must buy that. (I stop giving others tips, its a bit of giving support)
If emulating just use project 64, it has inbuilt cheat system for most games. a lot of other emulators also have them.
i'm happy cuz i still have my 64!
is there any roms like this for ds
Wow this is like looking into the past right before the internet got big. This type of device had a use when people only played on their consoles and didn't use ROM's or emulators but now there really is no need for it since most emulators come standard with the ability to enter in cheats and use multiple save states at any point. Almost any feature this type of device offered is standard now so it is pretty much obsolete. Still nice to have the download though I suppose if you collect this sort of thing. I'm not sure how one would even go about testing whether it works properly or not. However given the fact there is a screenshot up I'm guessing someone got it up and running.
shadow - dude, this is for nintendo 64.
Does this work on a r4 ds
Does not work if using in an emulator
Does it work if u use roms?give us a yell if u no, thanx bailey+
Its like a gameshark. its no necesary