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Full Name 2807 - Yggdra Union We ll Never Fight Alone (E)(iND).7z
Filesize 13.9 MB
Region Europe
Can Download No



I suggest using a walkthrough for this game. There's a lot of sidequests and characters you can easily miss if you're not using one. The game can also get pretty hard once you get into it. IIRC you only have so much health before you lose the game - and that health barely regenerates at all.
Ahh the infamous bath scene...
i test it at gba but... what a blur... i only play at nds emulator kind a good games!! love yggdra and the point system is tactical hard games! really
is this for ril?? a yggdra 2?? cool!! downloading now!
I love Sting, they've brought this masterpiece into the world! Deep strategic game, fun gameplay, good story and intresting characters is a very good combination! If you haven't played this and you like turn based strategy RPG's, then this is something for you!
Just great! Played it for weeks. If you like "Tactics Ogre" / "Fire Emblem" - this one will delight you.
Yes, but Sting also has a knack for badass games.
Riviera? bath scenes? I oughta download 'dis!
Sting has an uncanny knack for bath scenes, hmmm *dreamy eyes*
This is a great game, have the same universe as riviera the promise land and the same BATH scene