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Full Name 2689 - Final Fantasy VI Advance (U)(Xenophobia).7z
Filesize 4.1 MB
Region USA
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This my personal pick for Best SPRITE based FF because one can suplex a moving train. Sabin FTW
Good game for GBA
Nice to play this on the Wii via HBC ^^
Sorry but I just can't stand the orinal turn based you attack they attack system of final fantasy and many early rpgs. crisis core does rock and because it took on a more real time attack system I loved it more than original final fantasies. Great story and game play. crystal chronicles, same deal.
Crisis core on psp is still better. i like this one as well
Got this on psp :P
I`m speechless,this game is one of the best ff ever.
Easily the best version of the best final fantasy game ever made. You owe to yourself as a gamer to experience this masterpiece!
I love this game, its a must have
This game is simply awesome. A WAY better port than PSX version. With the new dungeon and bosses, it won't get boring anytime soon. :D