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Full Name 2689 - Final Fantasy VI Advance (U)(Xenophobia).7z
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I'd beg to differ , i've been playing through FFVII lately , and i'd have to say this game comes in a close 2nd on my all time Final Fantasy list , right after FFVII , right before FFIV
My brother and I beat this game for the first time when he was 11 and I was 8. I find it an incredibly horrific sin to call yourself a fan of RPGs and to not have played this game. This game is a masterpiece which did such amazing video game glory far beyond what Final Fantasy VII did for its time. Don't hate, I love FF VII. This game just brings back memories of a time when great video games only needed 2 dimensions to blow your skull straight to euphoria.
Veeerrryyyy good game. Awsome story, deep characters, making this game the best FF series in GBA...
i love this game!!! i clocked it on the snes version when i was young and was like "omg! no extras!?" This game totally rocks and i'd rate it a million/10 if i could.
Simply, The best Final Fantasy title ever to come on the GBA.
Definitely the best GBA port yet. For some reason I never managed to finish the SNES version and ended up finishing this version many times over.
Too bad this isnt my type of game, final fantasy tactics advance is way better according to me..
Not bad Not bad
This is one of my favorite FF games, and ultimately, one of the earliest games I have played. Didn't manage to finish every time I started, but I don't mind starting all over because it simply rocks. I love the OST too :)
Great port of the game. One of the greatest Final Fantasy games ever made (and yes I have played nearly all of them except for VIII, IX, and XII so I have the grounds to say it) I am only 15 but thankfully my parents had the classic SNES version of this and I must say this game made me feel 6 again ^_^ Oh and XPgamer17 this isn't a turn-based system just to let you know. This is Active Time Battle. Final Fantasy 1 and 2 were the only true turn based if I am not mistaken.
wow this looks exactly identical to the original :0
FFVI aka FFIII on the SNES. Truly a great game, the story is enticing leaving you wanting more. The gameplay is like the others using the ATB system so you can't just walk away during a battle (unless paused ofcourse). In this version of the game there is an Extra dungeon known as the Dragon's Den only accessable through beating the game so the game keeps you going even after you've completed the story.