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Full Name 2598 - Yggdra Union - We'll Never Fight Alone (U).7z
Filesize 14.0 MB
Region USA
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A very good game to be sure. Draws on classic strategical concepts like terrain and triangles (weapon triangles, as per Fire Emblem) to weigh in battle performance as well as allowing you to change the squadorn's stances dynamically as the battle rages on. It is definitely not a game that can be played blindly or trudged over to advance, it requires much preparation and consideration before taking an action, and that's what strategy is all about, foretought. The graphics are excellent for the most part, with large sprites and nice portraits, although the resolution of the map leaves a bit to be desired as it looks a little pixelated, but nothing unbearable. Its true there are a lot of variables to consider but its an enjoyable title once you get the hang of how to manage your squadrons, and while its deep its not needlessly complicated or gimmicky like Knights In The Nightmare proved to be (although the latter is a NDS game, the styling resembles Yggdra Union a lot, it could be somewhat of a spiritual successor to it). Final score 5/5
whoo i like the game even thou that it's hard but i like it it rocks!!!!!!!
At First glance this game gave me a headache while playing it, but once you get the hang of how its played then you find its actually a pretty simple game, also the Playstation Portable version is EXACTLY like this, rather it IS the same game only for Playstation Portable.
i will download this ang give it a chance,but my first impression is that this is complicated.
I think a Nintendo ds version of this game would be awesome!!! (If there is one)
Epic game, hopefully riviera is good as well :)
@Roihu: I agree! And didn't Sting make the game? Atlus only published it.
Looks too easy?! Like hell! This game is as tough as hell. (If you blindly go through it, anyways) Plus, the storyline is great. I only wish I could play the PSP version...
Atlus always create a great mix of an anime and a game, so if ever wanna see a game that make u feel like watching an anime, the go for this game!!
Its not about the time to finish it,, its about the joy of the game, its about the romances of the game, its about the meaning inside, that's alL the Matters:)
I don't see it being a good game it looks way too easy for me, about a day should do it.
Great game from Atlus, it has the same universe with riviera the promise land