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Full Name 2564 - Final Fantasy V Advance (U).7z
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Region USA
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This is a classic, fun, but grindy, and you love every minute of it :) a spoiler note for new and old players, the best job is freelancer, as it's only passive ability allows you to use the passive abilities of any job you master without having to equip it :) so when you master monk and go to freelancer, no more wondering why optimize thinks bare hands are better. Some abilities are not able to be utilized in this way, like beserker's berserk or necromancer's ability that makes him act like undead
Truly one of the best classic Final Fantasy games. This was the first of the series that hooked me in, leading me towards the rest. For those who want to try out old-school FF, this is the one to be chosen, with a gripping story, casual RPG elements, and a class system to teach you the ropes. I would recommend playing FFIV and FFVI after this due to their higher difficulty.
is the best game that i played in the final fantasy saga was one of the firsts game of final fantasy that have jobs
I cleared this game several years ago but not with emulator though. There was a bug where you can get your first character to gain a 9999 health points at maximum level. I haven't tried it with the rom though. If I remember it right, you need to get your potions or your inventory full and when a monster drop one more item you just cross your finger.
WOOHOO Bartz is in it! ^^^ most played dissidia character
pretty boring afther a while
Best Final Fantaasy game to date :P
It's my favorite FF game to date. I actually like it more than Dissidia. XD
I played through the game in japanese on the fanicom , never understood what was going on , It's great to finally have a story to go with a great game ( makes it a lot simpler too when you can actually read the names of items and spells)
can't wait to try this game, have heard good stuff about it.
FFV...though I haven't played this version of the game i have played the original for the SNES. This one is a must play for those who enjoy FF games. The job system makes its appearance and keeps the game going. The storyline for this one in my opinion is just a tad lacking but great nevertheless. Rating: 4.5/5