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Full Name 2547 - Teen Titans 2 (U) (M2).7z
Filesize 2.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



<3 it!!!!
Like old times ...........
Visual boy advance 1.80 is currently a beta emulator right now. but still you should be able to play teen titans. Get game if you can get a emulator that runs it well without it breaking up.
Teen titans 2 is worth the download if you can find the right emulator for it. Moments ago I tested both teen titans games on Visual Boy Advance 1.80 and they seem to work just fine with this emulator for right now. So try to use a beeter emulator besides 1.72 of VBA and see what you get.
There seems to be a problem with this game (and Teen Titans 1 also). It doesn't play well; it flashes a lot, the graphics is all choppy and eventually the game sticks/hangs. Perhaps someone can provide a better playable download... Don't download this!