Full Name 2485 - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team (U).7z
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For the people who don't know you can evolve your pokemon and your team in the post game.(after you defeat rayquazza or as someone called it, some big, masculine guy)
The game was great
Ok for the people that dont know how to save you need to go under Options: then Emulator: Save type: Flash 64k easy as pie
At [email protected]: Play further into the game, after a specific moment, you beat some big, masculine guy or something? Well, then you can evolve xD
Use save states to save the game haha i play the game 10 times before i found that out
What i use to saVE?
It's a great game, unfotunetly it dosnt save on visual boy advance.
Somebody help me plz??? how can i evolve the pokemons???? gummies maybe???? but how exactly???? thnx
But I couldn't beat the game
I got the Lucario rank in this game
Great game!
I really like this game it's so cool and fun.