Full Name 2485 - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team (U).7z
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I love it :)
I complete the game in 2 days it was easy i played it about 24 times it so fun
What no down pokemon mystery dungeon-rescue team (gva)
Dit is het leukste spel ooit op de gameboy advance
Good game!
Best eva game. so ADDICTIVE!! (had to play it ten million times to find out how to save it.) (to save is: Shift+F1 or F2 or F3... blah, blah, blah...) I also wish they would bring some Pokemon GBC (Game boy Color) ROMS out.
Best game eva
Very fun and creative. I think that what other Pokemon games lack is the interactive enviroment that this one has. Actually playing as somewhat 3D Pokemon whilst still having all of the features such as levels, storable Pokemon, over 500 items, and numerous missions is a great combination. In my opinion, yes, the best Pokemon game for GBA ;) too bad this is the only one they made for GBA... I'd like to play more of these "Dungeon" Pokemon games on my VBA.
No matter how many times i complete this game [btw, i've completed it six times now :D] it never gets old!! I agree, it is addictive!! ;)
A cave will be unlocked after you finish the main story. There you can send only 1 pokemon at a time for evolution. Also, a new story mode and squad leader selection mode will be available. You can either save by going into your bed in your home or just press Shift+F1 to save and press F1 to load back if you are using VBA. Too bad Blue Rescue Team is for the DS and you cannot get all Pokemon without it. Nintendo is always pairing their games (now on different consoles) for their own sales benefit, but yet they refuse to release any of their games on PC/PS. Still thanks to them and Romulation for this excellent Spin-off title.
It took me for ever to beat the first time second time around is great
This game is the BEST!!!!! ADDICTIVE!!! I love it!! 5 stars!!