Full Name 2485 - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team (U).7z
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beat most of them in first try cant save by just going to bed but as i used visual boy advance,quicksaved it use visual boy advance and press shift+F1 to save press f1 to load
what Emulator do you use?
best game ever even after you beat raquaza theres a lot of things let to do
i play on nogba 2.6a so i save perfectly
Fire and water types. This is a gba game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a viteo
whats the difference between blue and red
best game better then the ds ones and xiayoong no matter how tough never give up and dont be selfish also train your partner
Hi ! Everyone ! I am newbie at this game, plss gimme any tips ??? Thx....!
For me this game is just better then the one's out for DS. It's REALLY hard..... but its the fun of the game! I feel bad for who cheats to get all items etc, cause it just takes away the fun of this game. I cant stop playing it - but i can't seem to end the post story line either!
this best pokemon gba game i played
It took me: A week to beat Skarmory A week to beat Gengar A week to beat Zapdos Two weeks to beat the fugitive thing 1 day to beat raquaza (i know cant spell) A few years to NOT beat kyogre (i always use water and fire types) But anyway great game! Blue and explorers of time/darkness are also great! POKEMON WILL ALWAYS BE GREAT!