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Full Name 2467 - Super Robot Taisen - Original Generation (U).7z
Filesize 3.4 MB
Region USA
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the 10th chapter is hard for the both characters for me
love it reminds me of gundam its like gundam
The first screenshot for this game made me laugh.
ONE OF THE BEST GAMES I HAVE EVER PLAYED!! after this one go play number 2, then go play the Super robot wars/taisen japanese ones, try out J after, a engrish patch for J will be out soon, cant get enuff of this game! :D
I like it best. Let alone it is free ........ Haha........
it doesn't work on my visualboy advance. Can anybody tell me why?
I like this kind of game. Strategic robot game with interesting story! Very addictive!
This game is a gift from fanboys to fanboys....Now go Play it ~~
this game doesnt work for me.
have they done an srt with evangelion or zoids or godannar? this game really got me itching for hardcore heavy metal mech action!! rock on guys!!!
if it that good then I wil download it
LOL, Rencarntion of Gundam & Zoids FTW ;D