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Full Name 2302 - Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Duel Academy (U).7z
Filesize 19.6 MB
Region USA
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This is one of the only YGO games that actually has a tutorial. Great for both newbies and veterans.
This game was quite boring, I found Sacred cards much more entertaining
It turns out boring after few months in game
yeah i agree this game is wicked i got some wicked decks and i got all the card and even better is im obelsik blue its hard on doing the exams so if any1 know where to find any gameshark codes for this game pleazz tell me
this game is great and jordan sparks is right damn if i select to summon a card why he keep asking?! wts(what the shit) the only problem is...............(i dont know if this is true) is cant duel link cable (or emulator,hamachi)
continually asking you if you want to activate a card is pretty much necessary
A pretty decent Yu-Gi-Oh! title for those who like having the anime cast in the game. Personally i prefer World Championship 2006 but this is still good. Positives - Large selection of cards Anime cast included Decent A.I Good for new players Negatives - Continually asking you if you want to activate a card can get annoying Tests can be difficult, making ranking up hard.
epic fail no god cards i already beat the game in 2 days... B0r1ng
game play is pretty good so overall good quality
Some scenes are very much like the orginal animation, i mean if someone had watched the Yu Gi Oh GX.
A pretty decent yu gi oh game, the gameplay is pretty good for being on gba!
l am in love with the game and cartoon