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Full Name 2273 - Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari Hajimari no Ishi (J).7z
Filesize 16.5 MB
Region Japan
Downloads 2770
Can Download No



This is the very first Summon Night appeared on GBA, I think. The only thing I found special here is the use of bow, which is somewhat, not that good. No combo, low durability, and a little slow recuperation rate. Also the game is only available in Japanese. It would be a lot better if there will be an English localized version, but sadly, none. Lastly, the graphics quality is rough compare to Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 1
I found english patch for this game, and i think is very awesome :) here the link :
so this is the latest?! hell on earth, will they release an english version of this game? damn those current handheld gen consoles, they left gba hanging in the air :(...
english please... i love this game
is this the 3rd one?
same but i think we could ask someone to help start the patch for it cus theres none on the internet
i agree too...! i hope banpresto make english version for this game!
Well this game is more like the best of all Summon Night Swordcraft Story. And i dunno if Banpresto will make an english version....... =/
can the maker of this game change its language
This is the best game. -you can summon and control your in battle -new weapon: bow -enemy can change their weapon in battle -more 1 vs 2 battle Special ending: at the end , you and your GB are trapped in space and only one can escape. You must decide(you or your GB).I think you should let your GB escape...... I play this game in GBA and SC this is my save game( super card realtime save) Sorry for my bad English
i love it. you can play it with FAQ
sweet game