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Full Name 2250 - Need for Speed - Most Wanted (E) (M4).7z
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Region Europe
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For those who expected good graphics in 3D on the GBA, this is what is expected within the limits of the console. EA has done a good service, but for those who want the ultimate experience, try the version for PS2, XBOX 360, etc..
This game is pretty bad. I actually bought this game for the gba and it sucked. Bottom line: Don't get it.
ridiculous game: laughable grafix and speed. The GBA is a great machine for 2D - not that slow, low pixeled bitmap 3D. Even the first "Wing Commander" from 1992 got higher detailed btmap gfx. So "gfx isn`t all" you say? same too me. Why didn`t they made a "Micro Machines"-like Need For Speed, with funny multiplayer-option?
Co0l game!!