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Full Name 2166 - Megaman Zero 4 (U).7z
Filesize 8.2 MB
Region USA
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Wow... I've Played Megaman Zero 1-3 and this is the best!
This game is AWESOME the Elf System is awesomer the Ex attack are easier to get and my highest rank is level A.The ending was super sad.I think that in the sequel in ZXA that Grey/Ashe finds Zero in the desert with Ragnarok core and Zero will be revived. RATING: ITS OVER 9000
Gah... I played this one before any of the others... Now I've ruined the ending. But it's okay, cause Zero is my hero. For those who don't know, try beating a boss when the weather is against you. Also, I think you have to be on hard (or at least not easy). Not only will it make you better, you'll get something good!
Does anyone know how to put this on the Nintendo DS?
The best GBA game made in my opinion. For a GBA game great graphics, great soundtrack, a moving story and likable characters. The customization system is perfected with armor types and the cyber ELF system. A must have for the GBA, seriously
:( ...the ending was reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy sad...but overall,i give 5/5
THis is way better than Metroid: Zero Mission!
This is an Amazing game with typical GBA graphics. Soundtracks are awesome and excellent gameplay
there are only 4 megaman zero games, this is the last one, i won't spoil it and tell you why, but when you finish it it's made obvious that this is the last one
Um...considering the ending, that isn't really possible. Anyway, no, there won't be a Zero 5. The Megaman ZX games are the next in the timeline.
Is there gonna be Megaman Zero 5?? Some1 tell me if theres one please......... ty...
A game with various options. one of the best GBA roms.I placed in the same level with Metroid Zero Mission and Pokémon Emerald^^