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Full Name 2125 - Super Robot Taisen J (J).7z
Filesize 8.9 MB
Region Japan
Can Download No



Fan Translation by Romhacking Aerie had been released on December 26 Go Google for it
Well, the complete english translation for this game has been released, You can find it at the RHDN site.
I Was Playing This Game Like Crazy, was my all time game, i beat it 3 times. i waiting for the english patch, to replay it.. I Love This Game, But Now, I'm playing the other Alpha Series and Shin :)
too bad it is in japanese
It's the bestamong the gba. If it upgrade to nds, it think more people will like this game with a little bit improvement 4 example the storyline. The enemy should be able to use sp skill to make it harder to beat( for boss only). i hope that Banpresto would upgrade their game to nds.