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Full Name 2090 - Sigma Star Saga (U).7z
Filesize 2.9 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Weird rpg...the radom fight is shooting game. The game play is quite average, but it has pretty good story line ... and two hot girls.
I dont know where this rom came from or who made it, but when I find out, I will email you a cake. You have no idea how many hours of my life when I was a kid this game ate. So glad I found it again after so long. :)
Sigma Star Saga is pretty Sweet, kinda like Galaga mixed with your typical JRPG
Me and a pal of mines played this game a couple of years and we really enjoyed it. If the gameplay isn't too fun for you, the story is sure to captivate you. Filled with back-stabbing, deceit, and a really cool and quick thinking protagonist. It's truly a decent game.
good game though some spots are very easy and some are very hard
Great game. It's horizontal scrolling shooter/rpg