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Full Name 2039 - Riviera - The Promised Land (U).7z
Filesize 9.2 MB
Region USA
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I'm gonna download this game....O:
I played this game for about an hour, though it's in no way a "bad" game, I think it's being given a little too much credit. Certainly not the best RPG ever, let alone the best for even the GBA. It's rather linear and doesn't allow for much user controlled exploration. Again, not a bad game, nor the best, it's just good.
@Bell123: The main character is male.
Omg. this is it... It is best game.. I love it... rate=9.7/10
this is a great game; although i do hope they remake this game to ds or maybe even for the wii! I would really like to see that! Anyways, great graphics, creative gameplay, and interesting characters, i really like it!
Is the main player male or female?
Very Beatiful pictures, good gameplay; Amazing story, i like the turn based!!!!!!!!
Fantastic game! This is a treasure in rpgs. Graphics are probably some of the best for the gba. Gameplay is smooth and the plot is driving. The best part are the choices you have to make. Each choice changes the game and makes the possibilities endless. Overall, 10 of 10.
AWESOME GAME!!!! finished it 3 times and still keep playing it by the way... isnt this game also out for the psp?
The best RPG (even the best GBA-Game) EVER!!! Download, play, rejoice!
Agree with Supreme Dirt comments (i added rating for it) Great game,and the bath scene... you must see it yourself If you love this game you must try Yggdra Union, it has the same universe and BATH SCENE
Best RPG i have played in a long time.....i wish they would make another game for this