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Full Name 2000 - WarioWare - Twisted! (U).7z
Filesize 8.3 MB
Region USA
Downloads 5699
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How can you use this game when the DS dosent have motion sensors??
Warioware Twisted is like the best game I have ever played so far. It's mini game are the best. It has Wario
A pretty fun game, even with the d pad controls!
Warioware Twisted is one of the beat GBA games that I have ever played. Go ahead and download this game. A 5 out of 5.
Filestube might be a good place to download warioware twisted cracked by independent of course. with the prepatched i think the contols are set up to where you can use the diretion pad along with a button
The Nofrills site where I got the Motion Sensor fix patch seems to be down, so i guess you will have to look for the motion sensor fix patch somewhere else.
There is a Patch for warioware twisted at Nofrills page. I try it out and it works for this game. That's all I Know.
why dont you guys just play it on no$zoom
no you can't
can you play gba games on a dstt card?
awesome game my fav!
There are patches that make the D-pad emulate the tilt sensor, but really, it feels really empty without the tilting and rumble. Might as well get the cart itself.