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Full Name 1997 - Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (U).7z
Filesize 8.1 MB
Region USA
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Well balanced game, grinding makes it easier. Secret rewards like the member card and hidden characters makes strategy and thieves and rogues very useful or needed on certain maps. You can continue after beating the game and training areas are available at certain points. Altogether great game, needs a few friends to make end game more fun but will keep you busy for hours.
this is awesome game
Totally epic game alot of secrets and easter eggs in this, and the replay value of this game is amazing, as you can totally mix and match your classes differently in each play through. And for the people who say its too easy, then when not challenge your self then, such as try soloing the entire game with 1 character! Nevertheless though truly amazing game, and i would recommend you at least try it, and if you like it and you have a GBA then support it and buy it!
Good Graphics for the GBA, good gameplay, and it's a good game overall. May be a tad easy but it doesn't matter. Totally recommended.
This is like one best games for GBA ever! $#%
This is one of the best games ever! My first one for the GBA and still my favorite! There are so many customization options that this game has a great replayability value! If you are looking for a strategy game to download, this is it
Very good. But... 2 main characters in the same place??? They're brother-sister... Well, I guess it's fine.
The game is very good.Unlike fire emblem(the first one) in this version we can access any map area after a certain part of the game and each characters class can be changed with an option of 2 or more.Some places will need good thinking other than power.Also there may be a split of ways(like super robot taisen og 2)
it really is a great game. i had it when i had my actual GBA, and i've played several times through and i still can't get bored of it. the cool thing about it is that you have so many different ways of training, so many different units and combinations you can reach. first rate game:)
I enjoyed this game. Alot of people will talk down on it though its actually quite good (try it for yourself). Alot of things were added compared to its counterpart such as new classes and secret characters to unlock.
Very few of these comments make any bloody sense. Worked fine for me for the most part (spazzed out here and there). Solid game. Worth the download if you're into the genre, of course.
A very good game. U should Play It!?!?!?!?!