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Full Name 1986 - Pokemon - Emerald Version (U).7z
Filesize 5.5 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Thanks!!! Good Game :D
Nice and gamesahrk codes work fine in VBA 1.7.2!!!
I always choose Grass-type for starters
This game is cool! I got all 3 legendary pokemons Groudon,Kyogre and Rayquaza
Great game. Very good replay value.
I mean not Rayquaza but Aeogon or something...
But wich one is REALY of pokemon Emerald, the one with Mudkip, or the on with Rayquaza
Its awesome
It worked perfectly nice game :)
Wow, who posted the screenshot with the rayquaza. . . cool!!!!!!!
Works well on mine. . . finished it, it was great
It's just you, there's plenty of info in the forum on how to get pokemon games to work.