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Full Name 1986 - Pokemon - Emerald Version (U).7z
Filesize 5.5 MB
Region USA
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the fog is too heavy
That rayquaza is shiny. (Duh.) Anyway, I'm playing this on my DS. Need it for diamond pokemon.
this is a very nice game! hey how on earth did you get that rayquaza?it is so beautiful!
how do you get the aerogon ???
Great game like always POKEMON RULES
Perfect emulation, and fun to mod too!
i like pokemon but not that much i prefer digimon but still cool game
IF YOU WANT THE REGI'S READ THIS CARFULY Get a lot of Ultra balls and Timer balls, then go to the Sealed Chamber (somewhere in the water currents between Slateport and Pacificlog {Routes 132-134}). When you're there, go to the braille at the north-end of the chamber and use dig. Go through the door and keep walking north to the next braille and press A. An earth quake should be triggered and a door will open at each of the Regi sites. Be aware, you need Pokemon that know Surf, Dive and Dig. You also need Relicanth (which can be caught in the Underwater area in front of Sootopolis in the seaweed) in the end of your party and Wailord (which can be caught in the corners of Route 129 with a Super Rod) at the front of your party. Press A while facing the braille and wait for the earthquake. All Regis have Curse, SuperPower, AncientPower, and their own special move. To find Regirock, go to the Desert Ruins and enter. Go over to the braille and press A to read it. Then go two steps left, then two steps down. Use Rock Smash. Save and go battle Regirock. It has Rock Throw. To find Regice, go to the Ruins on route 105 and enter. Go over to the braille and press A to read it. Staying next to the walls at all times, do a counterclockwise lap (on your bike) around the entire cave. Save and go battle Regice. It has Icy Wind. Be careful, it's icy wind lowers your pokemon's speed (he will use curse a lot so bring a pokemon with Yawn). To find Registeel, go to the Ruins on route 120 and enter. Go over to the braille and press A to read it. Go to the middle of the room and use Flash. Save and go battle Registeel. It has Metal Claw. Get 40 ultra balls, and 50 timer balls. (Oh and by the way the braille is the wrighting just in case you did'nt know) HOPE THIS HELPED :)
how exactly to catch the three regice
Sapphire version and this version got what change ?????
i love mudkip thats why i downloaded this cuz i wanted a mudkip and get a swampert and then while its a marshtomp.. or if its evolved by then im gonna go to the boat and find tm icebeam and teach it to marshtomp/swampert just like in the show he had a swampert with icebeam :D but im not doing this just becuz he had a swampert im doing this becuz i wanted to xD
Awesome ROM! Quick download, rarely lags, my only complaint is when im in a foggy area or diving the entire room is a white cloudy back ground and all i can see is myself, items, and other NPCs.but i managed to deal with this by simply googling the map i need. i dont know if this is bcuz of the rom or my emulator (no$gba).