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Full Name 1986 - Pokemon - Emerald Version (U).7z
Filesize 5.5 MB
Region USA
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Does anyone happen to know something about the deletion of your saved game when you just finished off the elite four? My emerald did that, and I was like soooo disappointed >_>. I wonder if this emerald ROM (by romulation of course) still works after beating the elite four? I can't clarify this thing myself, coz it takes me like 2 weeks to perfect the game 'til championship. :D thanks!
one of the best games ive played btw if u get white screen on FR/LG/R/S/E for vba its just that vba doesnt support it, i suggest WindsPro 2.4.4
when i played emerald, and i beat the elite four, after i loaded the game again you know when u get back to the house after beating the elite four and then the latias/latios news is there? well it says the game is corrupt after i beat it and i wanna play the battle frontier, any ideas? btw this was from some others site google frozen roms and thats the site
i awlays get a white screen to, do we need another kind of emulator?
mine too =[
it doesn't work on my just give a white screen
in emerald its juan and if you just made it to sootopolis and you groudon and kyogre is in the water talk to steven and go forward in the cave till you meet wallace and plus when i beat the game in VBA ANDit says the gameis corrupt and has save file been erased why does it happen and how do i stop i use save state to get back where i was
Someone help me I'm unable to challenge the last GYM leader Wallace . What should I do ?
cool game
Great game
i have this and awsome.caught groudon,rayquaza and kyogre...i was surprised when a latios popped outa nowhere
the screenshot of the Rayquaza seems to be just a rip-off of sapphire or ruby... look the diff between the fonts of the screenshot of the mudkip and the one of the Rayquaza...