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Full Name 1986 - Pokemon - Emerald Version (U).7z
Filesize 5.5 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



whats wrong with mine? it keeps saying the rom-image crashed :\ what do i do?
Cool game!!!
nice game finished it caught all legendary pokemons so nice game
People who get the white screen when opening Emerald on VBA read this!!! Finaly got mine working. Go to option-Emulator-Save type and use Flash 128k and reset. Hope this works for you guys too. PS. Awsome Game.
its a great game
this is just a platinum kind of version of Ruby
can you post more very useful cheats?
i have the same problem as reverdy ;[ i wanna beat the battle frontier!!!
I have the same problem as amerhussien12 =(
pokemon emerald, had all level 100's. left it on a plane. DX
it does'nt work,, when i start VBA and open pokemon emerald it goes only WHITE,,, !!! please help meee ^_^
does it work on an r4