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Full Name 1986 - Pokemon - Emerald Version (U).7z
Filesize 5.5 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



why cant we downlaod a damn nintendo based game is it cause nintendo dmcaed the games
Literally doesn't work on my vba
thanks romulation without you, my childhood would have faded away...
Great game. Feels good to be playing the classics again.
this game is the one of the best that I have played . . . i really didn't encounter any problems in it
I am so lost.. I'm using the nosgba emulator.. Every time I try to download a rom, it an "ilivid" icon pops up. I don't know how to just download any roms.. Help?
thanks pro java
Im sorry and I know this will probably be deleted but why are there so many blatantly stupid and random comments? I quote the commenting rules when I say"Please contribute to the game comments. "this sucks", "this is awesome", "what is this about?" and similar will be deleted."Romulation its been 5 years since some of these were made.
I am currently playing this on my andoid tablet... he he it is lots of fun and the clock based events actually work. Cannot wait to get the full version of the app so i can use cheats...
@projafa your kind of late on that bro lol
Wonderful game, worked fine with me on Win7 and using VBA 1.8.0 beta3
I loved this game. its very fun.