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Full Name 1892 - Medabots - Metabee Version (U).7z
Filesize 4.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



I really enjoyed this game it brought back so many childhood memories from the tv show. The gameplay is very solid for a gba game and it has great replay value I recommend this to anyone not just the fans of the show,in fact you know it's a good game when suddenly get the urge to watch the show the game was based on. Enjoy ;)
Good thing I still use my Supercard. Cause this thing plays DS games AND GBA games! ^_^ I got stuck on this game though... I keep getting owned after a while.
i realy want to now pleas help me
i am a big fan!!! but how do you play it on r4 xD
tabateban this is not the support forum
Aww man..this cartoon bring back im downloading it just because of that..loved this show..but didnt know how it ended
If I download this game and I wanna play it on R4 where do I need to go to play it or doesn't work it
Can i play it in R4? how can i play it in R4? how will i put it in R4
Eh knp gk bs download
This game is really cool. I recommend it for Medabots fan! :D
This game is fun to stratagize for what your team weapons should and should not use.Which legs to best use on a field. Very fun for hours!