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Full Name 1828 - Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories (U).7z
Filesize 14.1 MB
Region USA
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is good i love the Kingdom Hearts series... i want the version USA of 358/2 days
best game EVER on gba lol i love this i actually finsihed normal and rebirth mode on an emulator lmao!!
Dl'd for nostalgia purposes. I loved it. I actually still own it (just dont have the ds/gba to friggin play.) I still love how the card system plays. Never really found intrest in TCG's before this. Anyway, great gameplay, and impeccable graphics for gba. 5/5
SUPER CODE I suggest using VBA because it has a built in cheat system. [M] Must Be On 982771635219 14E939BACB07 CA1652502C44 Have all Cards [Sel+L+R] B60414C3527A C36F5BAEACCD C07DA9218D49 Have all Map Cards 97CE12AF2E88 C16F1ABFE841 Have 50,000 MP 4350E32275CB Complete Journal BC9FC474B228 C29D3B49AD09 Have all Sleights E8961E7D122C C29F89518C01 Infinite HP 435AAD0D0DD3 BCA530DD9D20 C1DF1B1DAC01 Maximum HP 3C9A587E1C26 Maximum CP 4BC130A9CB12 Gain Level [Sel+Up] B60554E6C27E 4361A3A5E9CB CODEBREAK CODES Enable Code 000064F1 000A 10001946 0007 Press Select To Refill HP [In-Battle] 72034000 0004 820331DC 03E7 Alternate code by kwbisping: 82039BE2 03E7 Yet another alternate code by ForteGSOmega: 3202815C 00FF Max HP 82039CA8 03E7 Max CP 82039CAA 270F Infinite Moogle Points 82039D24 869F 82039D26 0001 Max Exp (Note) 82039CB0 423F 82039CB2 000F Only 1 Exp for level up (Note) 82039CB4 0001 Level Modifier 32039CB8 00?? Jimmy Cricket Log Book Complete 42039CE4 FFFF 00000010 0002 42039D04 0000 00000010 0002 All Room Creation Cards 4203A8D4 0909 00000074 0002 4203A8C0 0909 00000005 0002 All Cards 4203A080 0000 00010232 0002 8203A4E4 0233 8203A4E6 0234 All Skills 42039CBC FFFF 00000010 0002 Note:Use only one of these codes. Selected Option Modifier(press Left) 72034000 0020 32034EB2 000X *0: New Game 1: Load 2: Link 3: Continue 4: New Game: Sora 5: New Game: Riku Character Modifier 32039BB8 00XX *0A is Riku and 02 is Sora. . Fast Escape 32031E8D 005A Sora Codes: Slot 1 Deck Modifier 82039DE0 XXXX Slot 2 82039DE2 XXXX and s.o. just add 2h to the address for the next slot. Infinite Sonic Rave Turns 320184F1 0000 Riku Codes: Max HP(by radical dreamer, for completeness) 82039CA8 03E7 Max Attack Points(basically the Max CP code) 82039CAA 0063 Max Dark Points 82039CAC 03E7 Max Transformation Points 32034058 00FF Friends modifier: 32039D2C 00xx All Cards + Premiums 4203A080 0000 00010232 0002 8203A4E4 0233 8203A4E6 0234 4203A4E8 8000 000101B3 0002
I think Kingdom Hearts is easily my favourite series EVER!!!! I am mryntry's kid. I have beaten both of the games!!!! I (L) kingdom hearts!
Second release of KH series... best game ever.... Thanks Disney and Square Enix... Cant wait to download KH 358/2 from Romulation..
Love kingdom hearts so much :x
Im a FF fan, and thats what got me into KH! Great game, but I'd rate FF even more!
Its a cool game but i want more grapics
This is cool game! I love Kingdom Hearts series!!!
The kingdom hearts series has got to be my favorite ever!
Umm it cant be metal gear solid 3...its not a stealth game.