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Full Name 1828 - Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories (U).7z
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While I was initially a bit against this as I am not exactly fanatical for the TCG genre, I tried it out and was soon in awe! Don't be fooled, while this may be a TCG in a sense, it plays like and is as fun as an action game, with a great gameplay mix of strategy, action, and timing, and an interesting storyline for those familiar with the events of some of the other games. T This is one of my favorite GBA games of all time, I'd recommend it to anyone who wants something new or is a fan of KH. People unfamiliar with the franchise may want to a bit of wiki-research on the story though, which involves Sora, Donald, and Goofy, while searching for Riku and Mickey, enter in a strange castle, where "to find is to lose and to lose is to find." 9/10
Game is overall awesome to play. One of my favorites
@Manaka No, because there's already a PS2 Remake. @Kira What?! That's impossible. The PS2 Version of this game is about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 better than this GBA Version! This is the worst of all Kingdom Hearts Games. Why? It's simple. A good Kingdom Hearts Game must include: 1. Voice Acting 2. 3D (The GBA version sucks because there are only some frames of 3D but not the whole game. So that's why I recommend KH Re: CoM {The 3D version of this game with voice acting.} over this.) It's very boring compared to Re: CoM because there are no voices to entertain me, and no 3D. This game is FAIL. 0/10 KH Re: CoM gets 10/10.
i played kingdom hearts 1,2,RE:Chain of Memories, chain of memories for the gameboy and kingdom hearts 358 2 days, only what's left is kingdom hearts birth by sleep This game is the best!!!!!!!!!!
lol i can only play this game on my no$gba
this is an okay game the card system is a bit akward at first but if you use the same consistent deck setup it gets easier the graphics leave much to be desired but are pretty good for a gameboy story line is somewhat easy to follow i like that you all so get to see it from riku's point of view all in all i like the game but i miss the button mashing madness of the others it involves more strategy so if you like that stuff than i's a good game --- now that i have graced you with my smile SWEETS? you know you want to give me some
this sure is better then re:Chain of Memories
Krusha the DS version is the worst in the series Chain of Memories is actually good you can use a variety of attacks with Sora and the battle system is great Axel is more bad ass in this version and graphics doesn't mean crap I consider the DS version filler who cares about Roxas seriously Chain of Memories is half filler and half canon.
I had the actual game of this, i really loved it, i haven't played it in ages so I'll download it for nostalgia. I was up to about, the last boss or so and the game broke.
oh my god i love kingdom hearts
To be honest, Chain of Memories is a huge letdown to the series. KH, KH2 and KH365/2D are all much better then this game... I still played it so I didn't miss any of the story though >.> Low level graphics (even for a GBA game) coupled with a fiddly battle system (that works almost NOTHING like in previous/later games) and an unnecesarily slow start to the game, ruin what could have been a great addition to the KH series. Don't get me wrong, this game is certainly worth playing, just don't place your expectations too high.
i love it! THE BEST EVER