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Full Name 1757 - Urbz, The - Sims in the City (UE) (M6).7z
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I Have Secret LOCATION This Is -1am-2am: Use the time machine to travel to Nov. 29, 1984. This Destination is available after finishing Level 5 -2am-3am: Go to the Carnival -4am-5am: Go to Paradise Island -6am-7am: Secret tunnel between Jail and Dark Tree -10am-11am: Moon base Zeta
This is so far one of the best games I have ever played on GBA. And @riyand12, the bulletin board is inside the Miniopolis Newspaper building. Hope that helped.
i have played this game but i got some difficult mission the clue is "Follow the directions on bulletin board". what should i do? where is the bulletin board? please help me, i rally want to finish and enjoy this game
This game, I mustsay, was my first exposure to any Sims games out there. It made a great impression on me. ~~~~~~~~ The pros: CUSTOMIZATION the thing that is great is that you get so many options on how you want to live our life. You can life in an apartment, a town house, and even a hotel penthouse! The options for what you put in your home are also top-notch. With progressively better products that regain stats quicker along with the ability to change the color of your item by pressing R, The combination of stuff in your room is completely awesome! SOCIALISM No, not the government type, but the act of socializing :p The dialodue us great because each person in thegame has different interests. Therefore, you need to talk about different things from person-to-person in order to get 100% relationship levels. ~~~~~~~ The Cons: Not enough mini-games: With only 6 mini-games as your mode of income, it can get pretty repetetive and annoying. It's tedious: The biggest thing about this game is that it can be very time consuming. some stuff takes some time to do, so don't be too mad when it takes you more than a day to finish something. ~~~~~~~ This game is a great game, thouh it's time-consuming and there isn't enough variety in the minigames, I still love the game. I give it an 8/10
For all the above N00B posts: It's (UE), meaning it has European languages in it. It has English in it, but it also has French, German... Also, this game is for DS as well, but you can't get it here(One of the few copyright protected games I've found. :[). Anyway, this is a sim like Animal Crossing that is nothing like Animal Crossing; Basically, it's a "Second Life" game. You create a character, life. Pretty cool idea when done right!
how can you download this game i just cant download it?
well, i dont know the language, just have to wait for download...
can we change the language
wat language is this?
Is tis game for GBA only.???
Thank a lot