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Full Name 1745 - Classic NES Series - Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (UE).rar
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starts out a bit easy. then when you get to death mountain (which isnt at the end) it becomes HARD AS HELL. good game though :D
To fix the GAME PAK ERROR: This worked for me, so I hope it helps you guys, too.
do we have to download the emulator for tat so it wont be "GAME PAK ERROR?"
@ Foxlycan : You can play it with an emulator?
OK, i spent about 10 minutes searching forums for help on getting this to work, but found nothing, i have the same problem as hanbit132 GAME PAK ERROR
Mine doesn't work. keeps saying GAME PAK ERROR. any suggestions?
great game, good to see it on the GB!! every good gamer should have this in his collection!! great use of views and different angles,side scroll,overhead etc makes a change from the top down. if you havent tried this then give it ago will challenge even the best of gamers !!
Great game. Hard, but great.
Soooo dificult
Ever heard of cheats?
Decent, but very difficult.