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Full Name 1715 - WWE - Survivor Series (UE).7z
Filesize 2.0 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



alright look people like ddtts is a "let down"... wwe truly is an amazing show and the gba games of this show are awesome, including this one. so people please...dont listen to those comments that has nothing positive to say about this show
this game is excellent im my android phone
WWE it self was a let down once you find out it is fake. but yet the Games Are just in a word Great. They are a pure fighting game but yet as the gba as this is a huge let down. if you are looking for a good WWE/Fighting game, this is not it. 2/5 (play able but not worth it)
can you use the rock or stone cold?
A decent sequel to Road to Wrestlemania X8, but it's just the same game with different wrestlers. Repetitive matches, a pretty dull "Story" and another letdown for the WWE for the GBA. Get Fire Pro Wrestling 2 instead.