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Full Name 1653 - Advance Guardian Heroes (U).7z
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Region USA
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Actually unlocking extra characters requires research at the cost of gems or you can do time trials. i wouldn't recommend co-op play because the last boss is a demon and a half. It would be like goku and vegeta teaming up against a powerful opponent and the only way to win is to fuse. too bad this game doesnt have fusion but the rage mode is alot like Super Saiyan, gold glow and speed increase etc. other than that, it's an amazing game once you get the hang of countering
I loved this game so much. As I recall, you unlock more characters depending on who you beat the game as. Fire dude gets the fire guy with a big sword Ice dude, can't remember and as I recall, electric dude unlocks either the kid with equal stats and electric moves, or a ninja. It's a really great game nonetheless. I totally recommend it for people who like fighting games.
I grew very fond of this game during play. I already loved Treasure games since they also made Gunstar Heroes, they are a great company. You can pick 3 characters, each has a different element. It is a anime style adventure, with non - stop action. There are many enemies to test and practice fighting and magic skills. Also you can collect gems to power up your character's different stats.