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Full Name 1647 - Zoids Legacy (U).7z
Filesize 3.6 MB
Region USA
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Really cool game. You even get Vega and Raven!!
Played it on the real pak loved it! Sadly lost it in my GBA at school and i need an emulator to play it.
How's the gameplay? is it turn-based, or action based? O_O Judging by the screenshots, it looks like a strategy of some kind... Ah yes, I remember the good ol days watching the show and eating crispy crust out-of-the-freezer pizza. XD The memories are making me hungry... Which reminds me, anyone remember Ligar? XD Any of you seen Napolien Dynamite!? XDD It's bred for it's skillz in magic. :3
i love zoids if she is a gurl ^_^
Fun game, Its Zoid saga II! I tried playing Zoid saga I the only one groupe I knew that actually tried to translate, gaved up on it, so well, I just hope The Zoids saga DS will be translated! Fun anime! Give it a go if you like Mecha kinda series!
Great Game- And Great series on cartoon network
Greeat game....sadly i can't play as raven XD
Ok to download , played it works fine , very good story line , played it when first came out loved it ,