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Full Name 1646 - Dragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury (U).7z
Filesize 5.4 MB
Region USA
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THANK YOU SO MUCH GOKUOWN! It kept crashing thanks for info!
have any of you unlocked gogeta yet?!?
It says game does not support hardware, to be more specific
If you're playing this on the emulator, you have to set the save type at EEPROM (or Auto) and 128 K. This game is the bomb! It's just awesome. Vegeta against Kid Buu was very difficult. I had this strategy: Transform into Super Saiyan. Then fire a Big Bang attack at him. While he gets hit, you run to him and punch him non-stop. Repeat that. When you have no Ki or Life left, you can go behind the rock into the north. He won't follow you. After like 20 Big Bang Attacks and hits, he will die. Had to do this, because Vegeta was low level, and Goku was high level. And my trick is: When you get to an area, where you think the monsters are strong: Go to the next save point and save. Then Defeat some Monsters and return etc. Have fun :-)
It stops at Gran Kai's house :(
ufff i cant play it on my ds :( i got ak2 and ezv but the error at king kai's house is a bumer god dam i want to play this game so hard and i hate play gba games on the computer -__-
lmao, its a great game, but ya, great story line
LOL the first time i played this game before I didnt know how to increase my stats. I acctually got up to the bit were gohan pulls out the sword trains and then go's to kill buu I died alot but I won then when I got to the underworld with the zombies when your trying to rescue vegeta I lvled up for ages and died a few times then I presses start messed around with the buttons and I made my stats go up lol I had like 400 points for each character the game was a breeze after that. Really great game download it never lets me down. *Sigh* they dont make NDS game like this.
is there a way to get this to work on m3real
when i proceed to great kai's house the game is stopping...
I finished this game a lot of times and i always enjoy it!
Great game. Any fan of Dragon Ball z or fighting games will be please with this one.