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Full Name 1646 - Dragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury (U).7z
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dudes you still don't know how to Change the save type.... dat does it...
theyre right, except that you have to save the settings (eeprom, flash 128k) in-game. before you enter the mansion. i tried it this time and it really work :D hehehe GIYF.
does this work on the r4 on ds? cause i have the gba game and it cant save so im trying to play it on the ds how do i do it?
get a patch or edit your emulator settings
use visual boy advance 1.1. it should fix the error
How do you unlock vegito? just help me out guys!!!
I love this game I used to have on real gameboy but some retard stole it I had 100% (Gogeta and all :()
it still says that it doesn't work on this hardware, i tried changing the save type to eeprom and sram already, i even tried on auto, help anyone?
In the No$gba emulator how can i pass the error ???
you can get to the kai's house by selecting save and eeprom. make sure 128k flash. it is found at the menu of the GBA
i've completed this game and you know i realy would enjoy playing it again
scense and cutscenses are pretty relavent to this story game play is good and if you did not like legacy of goku 2 play this its got better ki charge hp regen etc not like legacy of goku 2 its a whole new system also you get to use both potara fusion of goku and vegeta and fusion dance GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN