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Full Name 1646 - Dragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury (U).7z
Filesize 5.4 MB
Region USA
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I love this game
this is awesome game and i think its the best game of dbz . i played this 3 time and i will play it again :D
Glitch to get tons of senzu beans when you need to get senzu beans for videl at the tournament you need to eat all senzu beans you got from korin so you have none left and when you finish the cutscene in which it shows you giving her a senzu bean check your inventory and there done
Great game, but why touching Vegeta using Trunk is so hard? Can anyone help me?
This game i freaking awesome! i think the battles are perfect and that they should make games like this on other consoles!
tip when training equip Goku's hat and you can max out there stats. Its in the closet when you fight one of the bosses for the dragon ball i think in a forest.
i forgot also take flash 128k !
to tootoopoopoo and others who cant get it to work use Visualboyadvance. To make it work select the dragon ball game (legacy of goku 1-2 ; buus fury) and select options-emulator-save type-EEprom sensor. erase your old save file first.
i love this game, and @ Spire208 yeah it's true, i wish they made a remake of this game for DS.
At first I thought the game was a total let down for DBZ fans. But after trying it out, I can't believe I got hooked to it. The game is great, it even follows the whole plot of the anime. A must have for DBZ fans.
one of my favorite games no matter what! download now :D
Great game better than the first one but not the second one the buu arc was the worst in DBZ.