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Full Name 1637 - Pokemon - Leaf Green Version (U).7z
Filesize 4.4 MB
Region USA
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thanks love this
there will be remakes of gold and silver version heart gold and soul silver for ds which will kinda be a remake of firered and leafgreen since it has the kanto region and all its gym leaders plus it has the johto region
Fire Red Leaf Green are really great games of remake of the older version of pokemon games on gameboy
fire red and leaf green on here are exactly the same
leafgreen is NOT the best game ever.. heartgold and soulsilver are.. i wish they would make a pokemon yellow remake for ds.. where u can go all the way to sinnoh.. omg it would be epic >_>
best pokemon game EVER
i didn´t have yet downloaded this game... but i wanna know if it was all the pokemon that the original game have...and above everything if it runs without problems in my DSi
All the good rom-hacks are of FireRed. XD But I always liked the Green gamepack better. ;) I wonder what would happen if I patched an FR hack to LF. >.>
I have beaten the original red and blue (and yellow) when i was a kid in the original Gameboy console. I collected all 150 Pokemon and all you get is a certificate which you can print on a special Gameboy printer back then. I didn't bother printing. LOL! I guess you can do the same on the remakes. Magmar gave me a hard time finding.
Awesome game... would be better if all pokemon are easy to get
i like Leaf more then Fire. In leaf, Porygon is more cheap to buy
This game is awesome! I wish there was a Yellow remake through... It would be Awesome!