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Full Name 1636 - Pokemon - Fire Red Version (U).7z
Filesize 4.4 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



I need help dont know how to download :(
@ 10111542 they are making a remake of Gold/Silver look it up in the forums... Just like Red but with better graphics and new areas!!!
What does this means '1M sub-circuit is not instlled'? to get in to the load game after beating pokemon league? it bring me to new game..
Kinda disappointing, I wasn't expecting it to be exactly like pokemon red. All they did was update the graphics, which really doesn't matter.. Ohwell
One mine it say the 1m circuit board is not installed please help x
Why dont they remake pokemon silver and gold
Same as fir, I saved via save state after beating the league, and when the game restarts, it's as if I'm starting for the first time... Apparently Leaf Green is a more complete ROM.
Cant save, i tried changing the save type but still no luck
Love this game have it on psp and pc cool 10+
I have a sd card cartridge i got from hong cong and the .nds games work on it and i play ds games on my ds would these gba roms work too?