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Full Name 1636 - Pokemon - Fire Red Version (U).7z
Filesize 4.4 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



love the game. just wish it would let me save. eh probably need a new gba emulator
I downloaded Pokemon Emerald... is that the latest one to have come out?
I have beaten the original red and blue (and yellow) when i was a kid in the original Gameboy console. I collected all 150 Pokemon and all you get is a certificate which you can print on a special Gameboy printer back then. I didn't bother printing. LOL!
hmmm... I read many complains, the problem is I cant save the game???? well... here's the answer If your playing visual boy advance, play pokemon fire red. If your tired, save it. How? press and hold shift f1 there. next, open again the visual boy advance, go to the file - load game - and click it. if you don't like to do it on keyboard, you could actually click file - save game - and pick a slot, you can replace a slot, and its not only f1, but to f10! hope this works guys, good luck ! loved the game. yeah i finished it. but its worth it! i play it again and again! well, bye!
Probably. It's just too bad they dont remake the other versions (red and green - remaked, blue and yellow - not remaked, silver and gold - remaked, crystal, - not remaked. Emerald probably wont too)
They will probly make a ruby remake scince every new game they have to make new pokemon and that is VERY tiresome . Trust me they did probly make a remake
Nice game but nothing more then ANOTHER remake for Pokemon blue and red (yellow was a half remake in my opnion) i wish they made a yellow remake instead of red and blue versions. I loved pikachu walking around behind you. They're also making pokemon heart gold and soul silver, but they arent going to remake crystal either. Will they also do a remake for ruby and sapphire?
yes it is u find the password on the real game of leaf green on the front corner i did it worked now i can play leaf green
There is no password on any of our roms. Saying the password might be incorrect is winrar's rather cryptic way of saying the file is corrupt.
It says it needs a password to extract the that supposed to happen?
i think i know why it no run on ds r4 cause u need gbaframe
Just hit the download tab at the top part, make sure you have somthing that can extract the file, then open it with your gba emulator