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Full Name 1554 - Megaman Battle Network 4 Red Sun (U).7z
Filesize 3.6 MB
Region USA
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This is the first GBA game i ever had and it kick ass. Tones of battle chips ( if i remember 150 in total or something ),you can become close friend with 6 character in game and trasform megaman in those characters ad tones of other things. Also features a new type of battle chips,the dark chips! Those are ultra powerfull. Sometimes they can do up to 999 damage! BUT if you use them too often you will sacrifice megaman to the dark side and won't be able to use some items and stuff. I really recommend it if you like rpg,secrets and item collecting.
wow first comment, This is an awesome game. Recommended for for intermediate players as the puzzles can sometimes get difficult. There are also some difficult battle scenes but overall a good game.