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Full Name 1268 - Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town (U).7z
Filesize 2.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



I can only play this game when I'm very bored A few flaws from my standpoint are 1. You can't lose, there's no gameover screen 2. It's repetitive (farming the same stuff because it gives the most profit) 3. There's no challenge or villian to overcome
Harvest moon is very cool! i hope i can live in that town and live happily without any homeworks...
It's very cool ilove it
I'll give it a go!
Quoteing wolzimon "Cool game it make me feel real!!" You mean...your not real? o.O;; Anyways...Great game, not since Harvest moon for the SNES have I been so addicted to anything with the words Farm Simulator in it.
Cool game it make me feel real!!
The greatest harvest moon game in GBA! thank you for uploading this
I love this site. This rom combined with the agme save I get to transfer over from my cart = my save file not randomly disappearing nor worrying about my cart loading. Plus I get to try out the female version of this game for nothing, heard it's exactly he same except for you being a girl going after guys. That'll be fun.
Game is alright a helps killing time